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New digital occupation added to the occupation list for State nomination of 190 visa

The Victorian government announced that a new occupation is added to the current occupation list for the state nomination of 190 visa.

Digital Games Engineer has been chosen as an priority occupation for the state nomination for 190 visa. To meet the requirement, digital games engineers must have specialisation in coding, art direction, AI or physics programming.

If you are seeking subclass 190 nomination and working in the digital sector, please note that Victorian government is currently only selecting candidates working with cyber security skills or digital game engineers However, if you are using digital skills in a different target sector (e.g. software developer working in health), you may also be selected.

Target sectors for state nomination for 190 and 491 visa:

  • Health

  • Medical research

  • Life sciences

  • Digital

  • Agri-food

  • Advanced manufacturing

  • New energy, emissions reduction and circular economy


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