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Studying in Australian VET

Australia has 42 universities and more than 230 technical colleges. The academic qualifications of each school are mutually recognized by the states, and Australia's academic qualifications are widely recognized by countries around the world. After completing the Australian college entrance examination and successfully graduating from an Australian high school, Chinese students can directly apply to prestigious universities in Australia or top universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries with the Australian college entrance examination results (ATAR scores).

Australian VET fees

It is equivalent to half of the tuition fees of ordinary universities, especially when the tuition fees of various Australian universities are soaring, the advantages are very obvious.

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Internship opportunities

Vocational education institutions attach great importance to the cultivation of students' hands-on ability, and at the same time maintain a very good relationship with the industry, provide many internship programs, and good internship performance can be directly employed.

Employment opportunities

The Australian government encourages international students to use their spare time to work. They think this is a good opportunity for international students to learn about local customs. International students are allowed to work in their spare time. Students can get 40 hours of work every two weeks during class. There is no time limit for part-time work during holidays.

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Qualifications and further studies

According to the relevant regulations of the Australian government, those who have obtained the Australian Vocational and Technical Education Diploma can directly enter the university to continue their bachelor's degree study without passing the entrance examination. It only takes 2 years to obtain a bachelor's degree.

Employment prospects 

The curriculum is designed with reference to the opinions of people in the industry and commerce and is specially designed to meet the requirements of modern and future employment. It also focuses on internships and particularly emphasizes the hands-on ability of students. It is worth mentioning that TAFE graduates are engaged in technical work, not "blue collar". In addition, the diploma is internationally recognized, and it is highly competitive to work in foreign companies or abroad. Many majors, such as gardening, jewelry processing, car monitoring and maintenance, etc., earn more than undergraduates.

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Graduates Holding Diplomas


The general requirement is an IELTS score of 5.5. If students do not meet this requirement, they can also take a period of language class first.


Australia ranks as the second best country to live in the United Nations Development Program. This ranking is based on such criteria as like life expectancy, school enrollment, income etc. The US ranks at 13th and the UK ranks 21st. Australia also has 8 of the top 100 ranking universities in the world according to THES World University Rankings.

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