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PTE Academic updates

PTE Academic aims to be the fastest and most convenient English language test in the world. Starting from November 2021, the test will be available to take in a shorter two-hour format.

A shorter test duration

PTE Academic is currently a three hour test, but that’s changing. From November this will be reduced to two hours. There will be no changes to the way that the test is scored or to the minimum scores set by institutions and governments.

Still a globally recognised test: PTE Academic is still accepted by all the same institutions and governments for study and visa applications as previously. The shorter version of PTE Academic will still test all four language skills, and include the same 20 question types that currently feature.

So, test taker will benefit from a shorter, less stressful experience on exam day. Any test taken from November 16th will automatically be the two-hour test.

Introducing PTE Academic Online

Lockdowns and temporary test center closures have made sitting PTE Academic a challenge in some parts of the world over the last few months. With that in mind, a new, online version of PTE Academic will be available from 16th November, as an additional option if your clients are unable to attend a test center. Test Bookings will be available on 25th October.

PTE Academic Online offers the same accuracy and reliability, but it’s far more accessible. Test takers will be able to sit the test from the comfort of their own homes or a private location.

Important information

PTE Academic Online follows the new, shorter format of the main test. However, please note that the online version is only accepted for study applications, and your clients will need to check that it is accepted by their chosen institution.

PTE Academic Online is not accepted for visa applications. If your clients need to prove their level of English for a visa application, they will still need to sit PTE Academic in a test center.

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